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Using the Meridians and Points

According to George Soulié de Morant.

"Always remember that what we look for, measure and correct through the meridians and points is energy, either total, multiple or local. Without energy there is no existence.

If the energy is excessive or insufficient, problems occur. If the energy is harmoniously full, there is health, strength and immunity.

Thus, by examining the pulses and the individual, we first gain an overview of the total energy and then look for how to correct the intake - by the median lines, with food and drink, the astral waves, by exercise and air, from human emanations and through the people around us.

This is the search for how to distribute the energy harmoniously through the meridians to the organs and to all the parts of the body.

To act: refined people and those who have learned to listen to themselves perceive the points for stimulation on themselves (there are very often only one or two points); there is a clear feeling of prickly heat.

All people are surrounded by waves which they emit with more or less intensity, waves which reflect their condition at the moment. If they are not closed through a dogmatic teaching which negates and paralyzes them, all people according to their refinement perceive the waves of others (sympathy, antipathy, love, repulsion) and can train themselves to measure and analyze these waves on their own body.

Finally, remember that the points command the energy of the affected area, and thus the area itself, according to the particular energetic dysfunction and type of problem. In order to do this, certain points have a special power for which the meridian connection is sometimes difficult to understand. Thus

1) For the total energy: will to live, vegetative vitality; for the psychic, primitive instincts; primate: bAihui (GV-20). The capturing of energy, the recharge, is assured.

a) For the astral energy of activity, yang, the mental and physical strength, by houxi (SI-3), command point of the governor vessel.

b) For the sexual energy, yin, which animates the great physical, sexual, digestive and respiratory functions, through lieque (LU-7), command point of the conception vessel.

2) The unique role for the body of leg-sanli (ST-36), which increases or diminishes all the energies of the whole body at once without any perceptible displacement of energy in any other part of the body, suggests that it is perhaps related to the energy of all the cells.

2)For the intensity of the energy, either yin or yang: the intensity of the yin energy of inactivity, of rest, of sleep, of cold, in the whole body is regulated by Zaohui (KI-6).

3)The intensity of yang energy, of activity, of wakefulness, of cerebral activity, of heat, in the whole body is regulated by Shenmai (BL-62)."

To be continued...

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