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Pain in chinese medicine.

In Chinese medicine, pain is caused by a blockage in the circulation of vital energy, Qi, and/or a localized stagnation of blood. Acupuncture or Tui Na are, in this case, excellent remedy to put these fluids back into circulation. The Xi points of the relevant meridians are particularly suitable for treating pain due to wrist (or De Quervain's) tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, epicondylitis, supraspinatus (shoulder) tendonitis, for example , but also for pain in the lower limbs. But a treatment on acupuncture points away from the morbid area can also be used for greater efficiency, drawing inspiration from the techniques of Master Tung. This technique is particularly effective in case of back pain, or facizl pain.

3 to 4 sessions may be necessary depending on the age of the pathology, for lasting relief.

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