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                             Your practitioner : Jean ROPERT

Nice acupuncture office
Nice acupuncture office

Pain, fatigue, insomnia, tobacco addiction, stress : 

book your sessions in Nice at       07 67 73 76 53


Home care on request in Monaco


Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture



Traditional Chinese Medicine is rich in practice uninterrupted for several millennia. This medicine includes several branches, of which the most practiced and best known to the public is acupuncture.


Its effectiveness is recognized by Organization MGlobal Health   since 2017.

In the space of well-being "EssenCiel", we take care of each consultant according to his own physical and mental state. 
The consultation begins with detailed questioning on the physiological and emotional aspects linked to your constitution. A strategy in terms of  energy rebalancing and protocols adapted to your individuality will result.

The areas of application of Traditional Medicine Chinese are very broad: pain, insomnia, libido, fatigue, stress, unhappiness, addictions; ...etc.

Pain, fatigue, insomnia, tobacco addiction, stress :  book your sessions at    :                                                         

                                        07 67 73 76 53


The care provided within the space of  well-being “EssenCiel” cannot in any way replace the treatments prescribed to you by your doctor.

Nice acupuncture office

Treatments offered


The treatments offered at the "EssenCiel" clinic are as follows :



- Suction cups ,

- Moxibustion,

- Work on acupuncture points,

- Auriculotherapy,

The amount of the   fees listed below are basic values, if necessary they are likely to be modulated according to the financial possibilities of the consultant as well as according to the number of sessions required.


Our treatments are also intended for sport amateurs or professionals wishing to improve  their performances and benefit from a better physical recovery.

Indeed, the care provided will:


- increase muscle strength,

- restore over-stressed tendons and ligaments.



First Consultation

Fundamental step.

Fees: €73

The first consultation begins with a 4-step examination carried out according to the tradition    which leads to a session of approximately 1 hour and a half, treatment included.


Follow-up care

To be reserved once the first consultation has been carried out

Fees: €63

The duration is about 45 minutes

For deep disorders requiring between 5 and 10 sessions, at the rate of at least one session per week, or even two, the fees  will be 43 euros per session (from the 5th session)

stop smoking

Smoking cessation

Auriculotherapy treatment, result in 1 to 3 sessions.

Fixed fee of 120 euros.

contact us

Are you looking for a different approach to your health, more humane, taking into account your being as a whole?
Contact us to make an appointment:  

acupuncture Nice

24 Rue Gioffredo - Center Utopia 
Nice center -  France

Home care on request from Monaco to Menton.

Tel: 07 67 73 76 53


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