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Disease prevention with moxas

Moxibustion and health culture.

Moxatherapy is a form of external therapy using moxa as the main material to heat or fumigate acupuncture points or a specific area on the surface of the body. Using the functions of channels and acupuncture points, moxa warms and opens channels, expels pathogenic qi. and regulates the physiological functions of the body; thereby curing disease and cultivating health.
Moxatherapy has been appreciated by doctors throughout the ages for its simplicity, effectiveness and lack of side effects.

Zu San Li Rice Grain Moxibustion - 8 Days New Moon Method
Zu San Li (ST36) is a very famous acupuncture point which is used not only for inserting needles but also for applying moxa. One such advocate was Dr. Shimetaro Hara, who lived to be over 100 years old.

He also endorsed the eight-day new moon method. This method involves the daily moxibustion of rice grains from the beginning of the new lunar month to the new moon for 8 days. “Moxibustion on ST36 has been known in Japan since ancient times as a diet for health and longevity. 'at the age of 300 by religiously applying moxibustion on ST36. Manpei was summoned at the age of 196 to be questioned by officials about his secret to longevity. At the age of 242, he was invited to the opening of the Eitai Bridge in Edo. In addition to Manpei's extraordinary longevity, many of his family members lived to extremely old ages. We can safely assume that this reported age is likely to be a significant exaggeration.

From ancient times to the present day, mugwort has been the material of choice for performing moxibustion. Harvested mugwort is transformed into soft wool. The advantages of this shape are that it can be easily shaped into moxa cones of different sizes or long round sticks. It burns easily and is aromatic.

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